Setup git deploy for AWS ec2 Ubuntu instance

The following instructions are for setting up git deployment on an AWS ec2 ubuntu instance (or any ubuntu server for that matter). Also included are instructions for deploying to the remote server and github simultaneously.

Git deploy setup:

1. copy your public key to your ec2 instance:

cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh -i ~/.ssh/your_pemfile.pem ubuntu@your_ip_addr "cat>> .ssh/authorized_keys"

2. on remote server: create bare git directory

$ cd ~
$ mkdir ProjectDir.git && cd ProjectDir.git
$ git init --bare

3. on remote server: create post-receive hook

$ cat > hooks/post-receive
git checkout -f
$ chmod +x hooks/post-receive

4. on local machine: init repo and add remote repository

git init
git remote add ec2 ssh://ubuntu@your_ip_addr/home/ubuntu/ProjectDir.git
git push ec2 +master:refs/heads/master

note: only have to use “+master:refs/heads/master for 1st push

To push to remote repo in future:

$ git push ec2 master

Push to multiple remote repos with one command

1. add to .git/config in local repo

[remote "all"]
        url =
        url = ssh://ubuntu@your_ip_addr/home/ubuntu/projects/ProjectDir.git

2. push to both repos simultaneously

$ git push all master