Internet of Streams

Think of “things” as objects that emit and/or consume steams of data. For example a temperature sensor emits temperature data while a light may consume a stream containing control data such as on, off or intensity. A car on the other hand is a complex object composed of many things. A car could emit performance […]

The Scope of Things

There’s an idea that in the future all ‘smart’ things will have their own addresses… that all of these types of things will be connected to the internet. However I think this idea is flawed… it’s the equivalent of writing an application with all global variables… Things need scope too. What does it mean for […]

Wireless Firmata using XBees

There seems to be a fair amount of interest lately in using XBee to create wireless Firmata client applications. In such a setup you’d have a single XBee radio connected to a computer running the Firmata client application (we’ll refer to this XBee node as the “coordinator”). You’d have a second XBee connected to your […]

Setup git deploy for AWS ec2 Ubuntu instance

The following instructions are for setting up git deployment on an AWS ec2 ubuntu instance (or any ubuntu server for that matter). Also included are instructions for deploying to the remote server and github simultaneously. Git deploy setup: 1. copy your public key to your ec2 instance: cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh -i ~/.ssh/your_pemfile.pem ubuntu@your_ip_addr “cat>> […]

Website update!

After years of neglect I have finally updated my website. In the 5 years of design consultancy work since my last website update I’ve amassed a large number of projects. However due to the confidential nature of the work I can’t really publish any of them. I’m hoping to find more time for personal and […]